What we do We take nuisance and anti-social behaviour seriously

Our teams are committed to tackling both the cause and effect of anti-social behaviour and work along with other agencies such as the police and the local authority to give you the best service.

You can expect a quick response from us and a service that involves a mixture of prevention, enforcement and support for our tenants and the local community.

What is anti-social behaviour?

Racial harassment
Violence, threat of violence, harassment or discrimination directed to a person/persons because of their colour or ethnic background

Harassment on the grounds of gender, religion, sexual orientation, HIV/AIDS, mental health, disability, age, etc. The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 states that at least 2 acts of harassment need to occur to form an offence within the meaning of the act.

Noise nuisance
Loud music, television/radio, DIY, shouting, dogs barking, etc.

Broken windows, damage to property and/or communal areas

Alleged illegal activity
Storing stolen goods, theft, drug offences, burglary, prostitution, joy riding, etc.

Domestic abuse
Physical, mental, sexual or financial violence/threat of violence that takes place within the home environment

Pet nuisance
Dangerous animals, noisy animals or fouling by dogs/cats

Abandoned vehicles
Untaxed vehicles and/or vehicles in a dangerous condition

Untidy areas
Gardens, communal areas, overgrown patches and litter

Boundary disputes and access problems
Fencing, hedging and 'right of way' issues

Unruly children
Trespassing, bad behaviour and ball games nuisance

Unauthorised use of premises, parking problems, etc.

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What we do
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