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Dog barking

We want everyone to enjoy living in their home and to be considerate and tolerant of others. It is natural for dogs to bark. However, if it’s happening persistently it can be annoying and upsetting – and could be considered as anti-social behaviour.

We would suggest you have a friendly word with your neighbour as they may not be aware their pet is causing a disturbance. We’ve put together some tips to help you resolve issues with neighbours.

If you still feel you are being disturbed, you can report this to the ASB Team. If the situation has not improved, we can arrange a meeting between both parties to try and reach agreement to resolve the situation. We can help you and your neighbour understand each other’s point of view and reach a solution.

If you feel unsafe approaching your neighbour, or you have tried and the situation has not improved, our ASB Team can carry out an investigation in to your concerns.

Dangerous dogs

Some dogs can become aggressive and bite other people or animals.

Under the law, any dog – of any breed or type – can be considered dangerous in any place if it is not kept under control. The dog doesn’t have to bite anyone; it could just show aggressive behaviour that makes someone feel in fear for their safety.

If you are in fear of your safety, please contact the police immediately.


How to make a report

If you have concerns about the welfare of a pet, you should contact the RSPCA.

If you want to report persistent noise from dog barking, please report this through our MyLHP app – you will need to register for an account if you don’t already have one or fill in our Reporting ASB Form by clicking here.

If you are reporting other pet behaviour such as dog fouling, or dogs roaming without a leash please complete our ‘general enquiry’ form.

Read our top tips for reducing noise in the home to minimise disturbance to neighbours.

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