EDI Vision - Lincolnshire Housing Partnership

Equality, Diversity, Inclusion

Our EDI vision

At Lincolnshire Housing Partnership, we’re committed to creating great homes and strong communities. Our vision for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is to be an open, inclusive organisation that recognises and respects all our communities and supports everyone to thrive.

We will achieve this vision by continually promoting:

  • Equal opportunity: We will ensure that everyone has access to the same opportunities and resources, regardless of their background or circumstances, while also treating everyone fairly and celebrating diversity.
  • Accessibility for all: We will ensure that our services are accessible to all, and that we actively engage with diverse communities to better understand and respond to their needs.
  • Inclusive workplace: We will promote a fair, open workplace where everyone feels valued, respected and able to contribute their unique skills and perspectives. We will create policies and practices that give colleagues a voice and support their wellbeing and professional development.
  • Continuous improvement: We will regularly review and assess our EDI practices and seek to continuously improve to create a more inclusive and equitable organization. We will strive to be recognised as a leader in promoting EDI principles and contribute to a fairer and more equal society for all.