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Discover available garages for rent across Lincolnshire and practical parking spaces in the Boston area. If you’re looking to rent a garage or parking space, on this page you can learn more about how to apply, and discover our charges for garages and parking spaces.

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Applying for a Garage or Parking Space is easy. Just follow the steps below to get started!

Step One

Choose the location you’re looking for. We have Garages for rent across Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Immingham. Across the Boston area, we have a range of Garages, Parking Spaces, and Parking Spaces with Lockable Bollards. Take a look at our full list of garage locations. You can also check out our rates further down the page – we offer reduced rates if you are already an LHP tenant.

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Step Two

Complete our simple application form to express your interest. You can choose up to three sites/places to be considered for. If you have any questions or need any support completing the form, don’t hesitate to reach out via our Live Chat in the bottom corner of the website, or give our Customer Service Center team a call on 0345 604 1472.

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Step Three

We’ll get back in touch and confirm the Garage or Parking Space we can offer you! Once agreed we’ll get you set up with a Garage Tenancy to cover the agreement.

If there’s no current availability in your desired area, we’ll add you to our waiting list for future openings.

Ending your Garage or Parking Space Tenancy

If you’d like to end your garage tenancy, you need to:

  • If your Garage is in Grimsby & Surrounding Areas: Provide us with 28 days’ notice
  • If your Garage or Parking Space is in Boston & Surrounding Areas: Provide one weeks’ notice
  • Complete the ending your garage tenancy form. You will be taken to a new page for this form.

End Garage Tenancy Form

LHP Garage and Parking Space Charges 2023/24

LHP tenant first garageLHP tenant additional garage / non-LHP tenant
Garage£38.50 p/m£46.20 p/m
Parking space (with / without lockable post)£11.91 p/m£14.29 p/m
Garage space£11.91 p/m£14.29 p/m

LHP Garage and Parking Space Charges 2024/25

LHP tenant first garageLHP tenant additional garage / non-LHP tenant
Garage£41.46 p/m£49.75 p/m
Parking space (with / without lockable post)£12.83 p/m£15.39 p/m
Garage space£12.83 p/m£15.39 p/m

Garage & Parking Space Application Form

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Please give us details about what you'd like to apply for, and where. If you haven't reviewed our list of locations, you can do so here.

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End Garage Tenancy

This form is for customers to give notice on their garage or parking space.
Today's date. (Your tenancy end date will be 4 weeks from this date).(Required)
Your name(Required)
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The address of the garage or parking space(Required)
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Reason for ending your tenancy
  • understand that this is a Notice to Quit giving LHP 28 days’ notice to end my tenancy of the above garage or parking space.
  • understand that if this notice requires extending or retracting LHP must be contacted and there is no guarantee that the request will be granted.
  • will make sure my rent, service charges and any other debts are up to date and continue paying them until the end of my garage tenancy. will allow LHP to make an appointment to collect all keys to the garage when I leave.
  • understand that failure to make or honour an appointment may result in LHP taking ‘vacant possession’ of the garage after the notice expiry date. This will involve gaining entry and clearing all items for which will I/we will be recharged.
  • understand that if keys are returned earlier than the agreed tenancy end date then I/we are liable for the rent until that date has been reached.
  • will remove all furniture, personal possessions and rubbish from the garage when I leave, and understand that I will be charged for anything LHP has to clear away.
  • agree to leave the garage in good repair and understand that I/we will be recharged for any repairs if we have damaged the garage.
  • will make sure the doors and/or windows are closed and locked and understand that I remain responsible for the security of the garage until the keys are handed over.