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Are you or someone you know at risk?

What is cuckooing?

An issue of concern across Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire is the practice of “Cuckooing”, where County Lines drug dealers take over a vulnerable person’s home to store their drugs and cash and use it as a base for dealing.

This usually involves identifying vulnerable people such as drug addicts, people suffering with mental health or physical impairments, single mothers, female sex workers, as well as young people. The dealer then coerces the vulnerable person into allowing them to take control of their home, often using high levels of violence and intimidations. They then use the home to store and sell drugs and give the vulnerable person free drugs or offer to pay for food or utilities.

There are several signs to look out for that may indicate someone is a victim of Cuckooing

  • Frequent or high numbers of visitors sometimes at unsociable hours
  • Different accents at a property
  • Increases in Anti-Social Behaviour in and around the property
  • Changes in the residents daily routine or not seeing them for long periods of time
  • Unusual smells coming from a property
  • Suspicious or unfamiliar vehicles outside an address
  • Windows covered or curtains closed for long periods of time

A cuckooed property presents a significant risk to the cuckooed individual(s) being and the wider community. Please speak up to keep them safe.

How could this affect you?

  • If your home is raided by police, you face being arrested and possibly charged and convicted for drug dealing
  • You risk losing your home, this could impact your ability to secure future accommodation
  • Your own drug use and mental health could deteriorate
  • You could be liable for any damage caused to the property

What to do if your home is taken over?

Cuckooing itself is not a criminal offence, but it is anti-social behaviour.

We are working with Humberside and Lincolnshire Police to ensure we take a sensitive approach to this activity and acknowledge the impact this has on the person being cuckooed.

You can report this activity to us via telephone, email or through our referral form.

If you think you have spotted cuckooing, we would encourage you to report to Lincolnshire Police / Humberside Police or contact Crimestoppers anonymously.

In an emergency, always call 999