Dementia Day Care Service - Lincolnshire Housing Partnership

Our Memory Lane Dementia Day Service is provided in partnership with Age UK Lincoln and South Lincolnshire.

The service provides a safe and enjoyable experience for individuals while offering carers the opportunity to rest or otherwise enjoy their time.

We want our loved ones to remain independent for as long as possible but a diagnosis of dementia can make caring harder than it used to be.

What we offer

  • A secure and peaceful environment
  • Employees trained in dementia care
  • Time, patience and understanding
  • The opportunity to socialise with others within a small group – up to a maximum of 15 clients
  • Activities designed to engage and stimulate
  • A nutritious two course lunch (additional cost applies)
  • Refreshments throughout the day
  • Signposting to other services for carers
  • One free trial session to help us and you assess if this is the right environment.

Our activities

Activities don’t just pass time. They help the person living with dementia to retain or sometimes regain important skills and provide enjoyment and social contact. Recent research has shown that relatively short periods of shared activity and social interaction achieved a 25% improvement in behavioural symptoms.

Encouraging someone with dementia to do something creative, some gentle exercise or take part in an activity helps them to realise their potential, improving their self-esteem and reducing loneliness.

Our activities are personalised to the person’s current interests, previous occupation and interests and current cognitive function and abilities.

Is it suitable for you?

The service is suitable for people living with dementia who are able, with support, to enjoy spending time with others in a group setting.

The small group size will provide ample opportunity to deliver activities tailored to individual needs and interests.

If you or the person you care for might benefit from the service, please contact us and we will arrange to meet you to make sure this is the right option for you.

A free trial session is available for you to attend so that the both of you can assess whether this is the right service for you.


Full day session: £59.23
Half a day session (4 hours): £40.93
Hourly rate: £10.77
Lunch: £7.00

Memory Lane Dementia Day Service
Every Tuesday and Thursday (except public holidays)
Full day: 10am – 4pm
Half day: 10am – 2pm or Noon – 4pm
Hourly sessions by arrangement

Mayfields Extra Care Scheme
Broadfield Lane
PE21 8GH