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Our Promises to You – Designed in Collaboration with Our Customers

We’re excited to introduce our “Customer Promises” initiative, reaffirming our promise to put the Customer First and promote a culture of Listen, Act and Learn. The Customer Promises are a result of our collaboration with a group of customers who helped design these promises, using the National Housing Federation’s Together with Tenants charter commitments as a guideline. This charter aims to foster positive relationships between landlords and social housing customers across England. You can learn more about Together with Tenants at the National Housing Federation website.

Our Promises

We’re proud to be early adopters of this charter, working hard to pioneer it and build further positive connections with our customers. By embracing these commitments, we’ve crafted the following set of promises:

1.	Our teams will be supportive, knowledgeable and professional. We’ll offer help with finances, anti-social behaviour and local services if you need it.
2.	We’ll encourage you to work with us to influence and scrutinise how our services are delivered, in a way that suits you.
3.	We’ll communicate with you in your preferred way, and we’ll have multiple ways for you to contact and to receive updates from us. 4.	We’ll provide an excellent quality repairs service, keeping your home safe and well maintained.
5.	We’ll encourage you to give your views and feedback on our services, and we’ll listen to your views, shaping our services around your needs.
6.	If things go wrong, we have a clear, easy to access complaints service.

Alongside our request for you to ‘Help us to help you’:

• Tell us: If something doesn’t go how you expected, so we can make it better for you next time.
• Let us know: When it’s convenient to contact or visit you and rearrange appointments if you’re not home.
• Help us: When we visit, by allowing us access and the space needed to maintain your home.

We’ve worked closely with a group of customers to create these promises, using the Together with Tenants charter commitments as a guideline.

You can download a copy of our Customer Promises here.

Want to get involved?

Customers just like you are already involved and having their say. Here’s some feedback from our current customer panel on the work behind these promises:

‘Really like the new version, it’s clear and easy to read and I couldn’t find any faults with it.  I can see how our input in the workshop has influenced this final version.’ – Gary

‘Looks a lot better than it did, and the ‘Help us to Help You’ section is worded much better.  What we suggested has made a difference.’ – Jane

We’re always looking for more customers to contribute – if you’re interested in getting involved and helping us improve our services, please contact us.