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Finance and Investors

Welcome to the Investors page for Lincolnshire Housing Partnership (LHP)

LHP provides high quality and affordable homes to rent and buy. We own and manage over 12,000 homes along the East Coast of Lincolnshire.

Our key strategic priorities are:

  • Customer First
  • Great Homes
  • Strong Communities

Trading Update

Following a year under Covid-19 and lockdown restrictions, LHP (who account for operational activity) continues to closely monitor its financial and operational performance. LHP finds itself in a better position than anticipated 12 months ago at the outset of the pandemic. Please view our update in the downloads section below.

Financial Statements

You can view our latest Financial Statements below.

Credit Rating

Our latest Standard and Poor’s (S&P) rating has been confirmed as A-. Please click the link in the downloads section below to read the full report.

Regulatory Judgement

Our latest Regulatory Judgement from the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH), as of 30 November 2022 is G1/V2. You can read the full disclosure in the downloads section below or on the RSH website.


Investor Updates

Investor Contacts

LHP’s Finance and Investor Relations Team is led by Kathryn Price, Executive Director of Finance. Kathryn is responsible for all aspects of LHP’s finances.

To contact Kathryn, please email:

Financial Statements prior to merger