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Struggling to pay rent

Are you struggling to pay your rent?

You can get help and advice from LHP’s Money Support Service.

If you are an LHP customer and are struggling to pay your rent and any other bills, we can provide free money support, such as benefit checks and budgeting.

We can also refer you to external agencies for more specialist support, such as:

  • Debt Advice
  • Bank Accounts
  • Signposting to specialist agencies

To contact one of the members of our team please call 0345 604 1472 and ask to speak to a Money Support Advisor. You can also self-refer by visiting our customer portal or smartphone app and choosing ‘Money Support’. Just click the button below to login or register and get started. Alternatively, you can refer to the service by filling in the referral form below.

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Universal Credit and Housing Benefit

If you think you may get help with paying your rent, you should apply for Universal Credit or Housing Benefit depending upon your own personal circumstances.

If you delay in making a claim for Universal Credit or Housing Benefit, claims may not be backdated and this may lead to rent arrears.

You won’t know how much Universal Credit or Housing Benefit you may get and whether it will cover the costs of your rent until your claim has been processed.

You can find an online Universal Credit calculator at:

Both North East Lincolnshire Council and Boston Borough Council’s online Housing Benefit calculators let you input all the information you submit with a benefit claim and give you an estimated figure of the benefit you are likely to receive.

Remember though for Universal Credit and Housing Benefit calculations:

  • the calculated figure is an estimate based on the information supplied by you. If the information you supply is not correct then the estimate will not be correct
  • the calculator only gives you an idea of the benefit you are likely to receive; it does not fully assess your claim and is still subject to final confirmation from Department of Work and Pensions or the Council
  • you can’t submit a Universal Credit or Housing Benefit claim by using the online calculator; you must still complete an online Universal Credit or Housing Benefit claim form

If you need help with an online application please do not hesitate to contact the LHP Money Support Service as soon as possible.

Notice Seeking Possession

A ‘Notice Seeking Possession’ is not an eviction notice.  It is, however, a warning that you have broken the terms of your tenancy agreement.  It is the first stage of legal action and means that we may apply to the court for possession of your home if you do not take action to bring your rent account up-to-date.

When is a Notice Seeking Possession served?

A Notice Seeking Possession is usually served when a tenant has not kept up to date with their rent despite receiving warnings.  It may also be served where a previous Notice Seeking Possession has expired.  This is known as a re-serve.

How long is a Notice Seeking Possession valid for?

A Notice Seeking Possession is valid for up to one year from the date of service.  This means that even if the arrears are cleared within this 12 month period, the notice does not expire until the year is up.  This also means that if you clear your arrears after the service of the notice, but do not maintain a clear rent account during these 12 months, then the council are able to commence court proceedings.

What do I do if I am served with a Notice Seeking Possession?

Contact the Housing Income Team immediately on 0345 604 1472 or email our team directly.

Other places you can go for help

If you receive a Notice Seeking Possession you may wish to seek independent legal advice. You can seek independent advice at:

Citizens Advice Bureau
03444 111 444 (9am – 5pm)

0808 800 4444 (8am-8pm weekdays, 9am-5pm weekends)

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