Foodbank support 05 July 2019 LHP staff hold collection for vulnerable young people in North East Lincolnshire

LHP staff hold collection for vulnerable young people in North East Lincolnshire

Staff at our Grimsby offices have organised a collection for a local food bank that supports vulnerable 16-25-year-olds in North East Lincolnshire.

A social media campaign from Doorstep in Grimsby sparked the collection at our Westgate Park offices.

The Grimsby-based charity circulated a plea for food donations, including pasta, rice; tinned meals, baked beans, tea and coffee, and staff in Grimsby held a collection in the canteen area at Westgate Park.

Emma Coxon, Housing Officer, saw the call for donations online and spoke about how the collection came about.

“There was a post from Doorstep on social media asking for urgent food donations from the public to support 16-25-year-olds in the North East Lincolnshire area and we felt that, as an organisation, we could help by hosting our own collection,” she said.

“In addition, Ann Maggs and the events team have run some name cards and we have collected £21, which enabled us to go to a local supermarket and purchase a large selection of popular items – not just food, but also toiletries too.”

Vicky Gresham, Anti-Social Behaviour Officer was also involved in the collection and spoke of the importance of supporting young people in North East Lincolnshire.

“It is a good way to help the local community through local charities,” she added.

“It doesn’t bear thinking about that there are young people in the local community that are going without food, especially if they don’t have family support, which is why the support of others in the local community is so vitally important.”

Julie Walmsley, General Manager at Doorstep was grateful to receive the donation and she spoke of the importance of this kind of support to the charity.

“Young people experience food poverty due to economic reasons or sudden changes in their circumstances, like homelessness,” she said.

“Driving factors of debt, low wages, benefit delays and sanctions or lack of money skills make younger people a vulnerable group when it comes to affording a balanced diet.

“Doorstep runs the only food bank in the region that specifically helps 16 to 25 year olds in times of crisis. We are seeing a large and steady increase in food poverty amongst this age group and an increase in the amount of external referrals we receive from other agencies.

“Young people often come to us due to family breakdown; this means they usually have not started to become financially independent. If they are in need of financial support it can take 5-6 weeks before any funds are available, leaving a lot of young people without food or basic toiletries.

“That’s why it is so important for places like LHP to organise food bank collections for us, because it can make all the difference to young people’s lives.”

For more information on Doorstep’s work in the local area, please visit their website.

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