Advance payment an ‘advance’ of your future payments

You can get an Advance Payment when:

  • you make a new claim for Universal Credit if you are going to find it difficult to wait for your first payment (remember, it can take up to six weeks for your Universal Credit claim to be processed). This is called a New Claim or Benefit Transfer Advance.
  • you are on Universal Credit, have a change in your circumstances and are going to find it difficult to manage until your receive your next Universal Credit payment. This is called a Change in Circumstance Advance.
  • you need help with one-off expenses. This is called a Budgeting Advance.

An Advance Payment is an ‘advance’ of your future payments and you will need to pay it back. Rather than having to pay it back in one lump sum, you will pay it back over six to 12 months directly out of your Universal Credit payments.

If you have been on one of the benefits that Universal Credit is replacing, ask for a Benefit Transfer Advance as you pay these back over 12 months.


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