Slips & trips handy hints to prevent slips and trips

Here are some handy hints to help you make your home safer and prevent trips and slips:

  • Coil or tape wires or cords next to the wall so you can’t rip over them.
  • Make sure your furniture is arranged so that you can move around your home easily.
  • Replace or secure rucked-up or fraying carpets with double-sided tape so you don’t trip or slip on them.
  • Tuck sheets and bed covers out of the way when you first get out of bed so you don’t trip on them when moving around.
  • A bedside lamp or torch can be useful if you need to get up in the night or if there is a power cut.
  • Rearrange your shelves and cupboards so you can easily reach the things you use the most often.
  • Make sure your slippers and shoes fit properly. Worn-out or badly fitting slippers can increase your risk of falling.
  • Be careful when wearing a dressing gown, long skirt or ankle-length dress so you don’t catch your foot in them and fall.
  • Clean up spills straightaway.
  • Keep your stairs free from clutter. Avoid storing things on the stairs even temporarily.
  • Keep your paths clear of leaves and overgrowing plants. Keeping your garden free of obstacles will make it safer.
  • Remove moss and algae from paving slabs as they become very slippery when wet.
  • Take extra care in the icy weather. Spread salt on your steps.
  • If you use a walking stick, make sure the rubber end is not worn smooth.
  • Try to have walking aids at the top and bottom of the stairs so you are not trying to carry it while using the stairs.
  • Dehydration can cause dizziness and confusion so make sure you drink plenty of fluids.
  • Do not use furniture to support yourself unless it is secure.

It’s a good idea to have a list of emergency telephone numbers beside the telephone or saved into your mobile phone. This could include your doctor, gas, electricity and water suppliers, local police, LHP, local council, carer, friends and family.


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