Pests Advice on pesky pests

Sometimes unwanted visitors like ants, mice or rats come to call. You are responsible for dealing with them unless they are in a shared communal area in a sheltered scheme or block of flats or coming from an empty property owned by us. You can buy products to deal with most pests from hardware stores but if a problem continues you may need to contact a qualified pest control company. Please try to use humane, non-lethal techniques.

Bees and wasps

Please remember that bees are not classed as a pest. In fact they help pollinate crops and we should be helping them to survive.

If you can leave a bee or wasp nest then please do so but if it does need to be dealt with then this must be done by a professional pest controller.

The British Beekeepers Association have lots of useful hints and tips here.

Rats and mice

Some simple deterrents can help prevent the problem:

  • Make sure bin lids are tight and secure
  • Don’t compost meat, fish bones or bread
  • Keep areas close to buildings tidy and free from weeds
  • Clear away pet food.

If you need further advice just contact us, we’ll be happy to help.


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