Bogus callers if in doubt, keep them out

Lock, stop, chain and check when you receive a caller to your door.

  • Make sure you lock any other external doors before going to the front door.
  • Put the chain on and look through the window or spy-hole.
  • Check who the caller is and ask for ID.

You should always be on your guard against bogus callers posing as LHP employees.

Please remember - all legitimate LHP employees carry identification.

Please check caller ID before letting anyone into your home.

Do not be afraid to contact us to check on a caller if you have any doubts that they are genuine but make sure that you telephone us on 0345 604 1472 and not on any number that a caller may hand you. Genuine employees will not mind you checking on them.

If you remain suspicious about a caller please contact the police and let us know.

If in doubt, keep them out.

Nominated neighbour scheme

If you live in North East Lincolnshire, encourage your older neighbour or relative to join the Nominated Neighbour Scheme and help them feel safer in their own home.

How does the scheme work?

The scheme asks neighbours or relatives to be nominated neighbours for older and vulnerable people in the community.

If an unrecognised caller visits the address of an older person when they are alone, the caller will be shown a card asking them to contact their nominated neighbour. The nominated neighbour will then try to check the caller’s identify to establish whether they are genuine. If the caller is legitimate they are accompanied back to the property. If the caller is not verified they are politely asked to make a written appointment.

Genuine callers will not mind their identification being checked.

How do I find a nominated neighbour?

Arrange with a trusted neighbour or family member who lives nearby to be your nominated neighbour.

Ask them if they will be prepared to help you check the identity of any unrecognised callers to your home and if they wouldn’t mind accompanying them whilst in your home.

What do I do if I agree to become a nominated neighbour?

If an unrecognised caller attends the address of your older neighbour, the caller will be shown a card with your name, address and telephone number on and told to contact you.

You will then need to establish whether the caller is genuine. This prevents your vulnerable neighbour having to talk to unrecognised callers or let them into their own home until you have verified that they are who they say they are.

Once I have made the arrangements with a nominated neighbour, what do I do?

Once you have an agreed nominated neighbour, download this card and keep it near your front door but not on display.

When someone calls at your home and you do not know them – do not open the door and do not let them in. Show them the card through the window.

Telephone your nominated neighbour and tell them you have a caller and they will be coming to speak to them.

Wait for the caller to return with your nominated neighbour. If the caller returns alone and persists in trying to gain entry telephone Humberside Police on 101 or 999 in an emergency.


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