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Thank you for deciding to apply for this role with LHP. If you require further information please refer to our website or you can email, or call 0345 604 1472
There are five sections to this application: 1. About you 2. Supporting Statements 3. Key Questions 4. Diversity Monitoring (confidential) 5. Declarations.
You are able to save your application as you complete it - and return to it at a later stage if needed.
Applications at sifting and shortlisting stages are anonymous. Only sections two and three are provided to the Selection Panel. Once the Panel have determined who they wish to invite to interview, candidate identities will be revealed.
We will use the information you provide on this application form to check facts relevant to the role and will conduct these checks in a way that is fair to all candidates.
If you know any LHP Board members or employees personally (i.e. a relative or close friend) or have any other interests (for example you work for a company which works closely with LHP) please let us know in section five of this application form which will help us manage interests. You will not be removed from the selection process based on actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest. If you have significant interests which may need managing if you become a Committee member you will be given an opportunity to discuss this at interview.

Section 1: About you

In this section we ask you to provide us with your personal information so we are able to communicate with you about this application and check your identity.
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