Biodiversity and Green Spaces - Lincolnshire Housing Partnership

Biodiversity and Green Spaces

The importance of green space to wildlife and our communities

We launched our first Biodiversity pilot in March 2022, transforming a patch of grass into a wildflower area in Donnington. We will continue to monitor the site and can’t wait to share pictures of its progress. You can read more on the project by clicking here.

We will continue working with contractors to diversify green spaces across our neighbourhoods, creating green spaces that work for nature and for our customers’ wellbeing.

Do you have an area of green space in mind that would work well for a future biodiversity project? If so, please get in touch.

Gardening for Wildlife

The ‘State of Nature’ report (2019) found that 41% of UK species have declined since 1970, with 13% now threatened with extinction.

The UK has approximately 24 million gardens, together forming a vast living landscape. How we decide to use these spaces has a huge impact on the natural world.

Here are some tips for gardening with wildlife in mind:

  1. Plant flowers to help our pollinators
  2. Instal bird boxes and feeders
  3. Avoid peat-based composts
  4. Save rainwater in water butts
  5. Use non-toxic alternatives to pesticides

Take the Wildlife Trusts’ Gardening Survey to find out how wild your garden is and receive a free guide to Wildlife Gardening! Wildlife Gardening Survey | The Wildlife Trusts