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About LHP

About Us

Lincolnshire Housing Partnership – LHP is a 12,700-home landlord formed in April 2018 from a merger between Boston Mayflower and Shoreline Housing Partnership.

Covering the whole of the historic east coast of Lincolnshire, LHP provide affordable rental and shared ownership homes as well as a range of services to help support people and communities.

As a charitable community-based organisation, we channel profit back into services and projects that benefit you – our customers and local neighbourhoods.

By uniting Boston Mayflower and Shoreline, LHP benefits from an additional £50m spending capacity, which we have pledged to use to provide at least 60 extra new homes in Lincolnshire each year enabling us to house an additional 4,000 people over the next 30 years.

By coming together, we are combining our strengths to achieve more, creating a more resilient organisation, with the capacity to invest more in existing and new homes.

Taking advantage of our size, we’ll also be able to improve efficiency and value for money, while still putting customers and our employees at the heart of our decision-making.

2019/20 Annual Report

Our annual report looks back on our performance over the last business year and showcases some of our priorities and achievements. You can download our latest Annual Report by clicking the link below.

2019/20 Lincolnshire Housing Partnership Annual Report

You can also watch a summary of our Annual Report by clicking the video below.

Equality and Diversity

We aim to achieve equality and celebrate diversity in every area of our work. Our aim is ‘to be responsive to the needs of our customers’ providing services and support in a fair, open and accountable manner that celebrates the individual, an approach central to providing fair and equal services to customers and employees.

We will make sure that our services are accessible to all our customers and ensure that we do not discriminate or act unfairly. We also want the people and organisations we work with to recognise us as promoting diversity and equality, to see us as a leading example of good practice.

LHP is committed to achieving Leaders in Diversity Accreditation as an outward sign of our commitment.