NIBE boilers keeping you snug

A small number of our properties are fitted with NIBE boilers. The NIBE Fighter F360P is an electric boiler which recovers heat from ventilated air. What this means is that where possible the boiler extracts heat from the air of hot rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom which it uses to heat the hot water and central heating system.

The boiler also has a secondary immersion heater that it uses when needed to supplement the heat recovery. The immersion heater is like the heating element in an electric kettle.

The system when well set up and operating in auto mode can be very energy efficient. To help you do this, we’ve put together some basic tips on best use of the NIBE boiler system. This is only intended as a basic guide. For more information please refer to your boiler manual.

You’ll also find more information on this video put together by the people at NIBE.

If you are a LHP tenant and wish to report a repair to your boiler or need any help or advice please contact us directly.

If you are a homeowner through the shared ownership scheme you can find further help and information on the NIBE website.


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