Repairs for leaseholders Reporting a repair to your communal area or block

As a leaseholder, you are responsible for all repairs inside your home. If your property is a flat, then as a leaseholder you are responsible for all repairs inside your home and any to the garden areas which are set out in your lease. As your landlord, we are responsible for carrying our repairs and maintenance to anything outside of your home including:

  • the structure of the building – including external walls, the roof, foundations
  • service into the building – providing utility services into the building such as electricity, gas, water and drainage
  • shared communal areas – landing, stairwells and door entrances
  • outside areas – any footpaths, gardens, courtyards or drying areas.

As your landlord, we may be able to reclaim reasonable share of the costs of carrying out our repairing obligation, if your lease provides for this. The exact responsibilities for repairs may vary depending on the type of lease you have and it is important that you understand what is contained within your own individual lease.

Please note that this relates to the repairing responsibility and not the cost of these repairs. You may be recharged for works carried out by us even when it is shown as our responsibility depending on the terms of your lease.

Reporting a repair

Please use this form to report a non-emergency repair to your block or communal area. If you have an emergency repair to report please telephone 0345 604 1472.

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