Our rights & responsibilities What we are responsible for

This is a general summary of the rights and responsibilities we have under your lease. Please note that this is a summary and may not cover every aspect of your individual lease. Please refer to the copy of your lease for full details.

Our rights

We have the right to:

  • free and uninterrupted passage and running of water, soil, gas and electricity over, through and along all sewers, drains, watercourses, pipes, wires and cables in or under your home
  • enter your home for the purpose of laying, installing, repairing, renewing, cleansing and maintaining sewers, drains, watercourses, pipes, wires and cables including apparatus for receiving radio and television transmissions
  • erect buildings above, below or adjoining your home or any neighbouring land
  • build, rebuild or alter any buildings upon any adjoining LHP land which may obstruct any light, windows or other openings of your home
  • enter on giving reasonable notice (or our authorised agents and contractors) the building or your home for the purposes of carrying out our repairs, renewals, improvements or maintenance (including window cleaning) and to place ladders, scaffolding or other apparatus or materials necessary for this purpose
  • enter your home at reasonable times on notice for the purpose of viewing its condition.

Our responsibilities

We are obligated to:

  • Repair the structure and exterior of the building and your home including the drains, gutters, external pipes and to make good any defects affecting the structure. We may recharge you a proportion of the costs associated with the repair. If the cost to you is in excess of £250, we will consult with you first.
  • Repair and keep in good repair the neighbouring land and premises owned by us of which you enjoy rights (a proportion of the cost of these works may be recharged to you if your lease allows for this).
  • Make sure any services which are provided by us, which you are entitled to, are maintained at a reasonable level.
  • Repair and maintain any installation connected with the provision of these services
  • Rebuild or restore your home and the building in which it is situated in the case of destruction or damage by fire or any other peril.
  • Allow you to enjoy your home during the duration of your lease without any interruption or disturbance from us (as long as you pay the associated costs and comply with the terms of the lease).
  • Consult you on expensive work and long term contracts that affect the building.


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