Our Board is governed by ten members

The LHP Board is governed by ten members. Membership is made up entirely of independent members all chosen for their individual skills and experience. There are no nomination rights held by any third party to appoint to Board so it is truly an autonomous body.

Board members serve a maximum term of nine years overall, though appointments are usually made on the basis of a three year term which is reviewed by Board before being renewed to maintain the appropriate mix of skills needed.

There is the option to appoint additional (non-voting) co-opted members to Board, chosen for their experience and knowledge in specific areas of business whenever Board identifies a need for additional skills to deal with a new project or challenge. Currently there are no co-opted members appointed.

All members are paid a remuneration fee depending on what position they take on the board or committees. The level of fee is set at an appropriate level on the basis of a report from an independent specialist who has knowledge of the sector.

Board members have clear and ambitious aspirations to build an organisation fit for the future, capable of always delivering the highest quality services to our customers, with the mechanisms in place to make sure the people who live in our homes and use our services are meaningfully engaged in decision making.

The members make decisions on how the company is run. All major strategic and policy decisions on the future direction of the organisation are approved by the board. The chief executive, directors and the rest of the employees (together often referred to as the ‘Executive’) carry out the day to day operational functions of LHP.

The board is supported by its committees which are tasked with dealing with specific areas of Board responsibility on its behalf. Each committee has terms of reference. A number of major items are however reserved for Board only to deal with.

Board and committee structure

Terms of Reference – Audit and Risk Committee

Terms of Reference – Assets and Investment Committee

Terms of Reference – Remuneration and Nominations Committee


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