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Whether you have a small problem or you want to make a formal complaint, say a thank you for a job well done or you have an idea for how we can make things better, let us know using our online form at the foot of the page.


Sometimes things might go wrong. And when they do we want to know. Please do not be afraid to express your concerns. This gives us the chance to review what has happened and where appropriate put things right and try to make sure is doesn’t happen again.

Read our frequently asked questions and answers to explain more about our quick and easy complaints process.


As part of our complaints process, LHP strives to identify learning outcomes that will help drive positive change for our customers. These outcomes may identify where LHP may need to review its policies and procedures, any additional training that may be required or a change to the delivery of a service.

Below are some of the learning outcomes identified since April 2019 and the action taken by LHP to address them.

  • You said:

    “Appointment dates and work details are not always communicated from our contractors” (June 2019)

  • We did:

    LHP rely on contractors to deliver some key areas of vital work in our homes. Although not directly employed by LHP, we still expect a high level of customer service. Communication is key to ensuring we deliver a successful and efficient service to our customers. This message was relayed to our contractors and LHP’s expectations around communication and customer service made clear during a routine contract management meeting.

In-house repairs
  • You said

    “Since the In-House Repairs Service (IHRS) became available in Boston properties, I have struggled to get an appointment with a heating engineer” (August 2019)

  • We did

    In April 2019, our Boston area properties began to benefit from an LHP run In-House Repairs Service.

    This service runs with operatives and engineers directly employed by LHP and means that we can better plan work and manage resources effectively. As with any new service, things can take time to adjust and, in this situation, it was the recruitment of gas operatives that meant the full service was not being delivered.

    Following a successful recruitment period, in September 2019 a full remit of six gas operatives and one gas supervisor were in place. Since then the service has operated as is expected meaning a better heating repairs service for our customers.

  • You said

    “Works completed by contractors are not always completed on time and it can be difficult to contact them to get further information.”

  • We did

    In April 2019 we launched an In-House Repairs Service (IHRS) in Boston mirroring the function already running in Grimsby, the IHRS allows LHP to take greater ownership and control of all repairs in our homes. 

    This service enables our repairs staff to contact customers directly to arrange flexible appointments and enables staff to plan their time effectively. Your feedback is key when delivering and shaping a new service, and we appreciate those of you who take the time to reply to customer surveys. 

  • You said

    “Communication with employees is not always helpful and sometimes staff do not deliver a good level of customer care.”

  • We did

    Customer First is the first strategic priority for LHP. We wouldn’t exist without our customers! With that in mind, we recognise that excellent customer service should always be delivered by all our employees

    As a result, our staff are being trained and supported to use the Mary Gober Customer Services principles, designed to give our staff all the tools they need to deliver excellent customer service.

    We are currently training staff who are new to our business and will be retraining existing staff early in the coming year.  Once training has been comprehensively delivered, we will mystery shop against the principles of this approach and report performance to our Board.

    Our approach to handling your concerns and complaints is based on the best practice methodology recommended by the Housing Ombudsman Service and to check that we are delivering our complaints service properly we have committed to an external review of our approach in March 2020.  We will let you know how we get on in the next newsletter. 

  • You said

    “I don’t think I was advised correctly when I called to report a repair.”

  • We did

    When calling to report a repair, you come through to our Customer Contact Centre’s based at both our Grimsby and Boston offices. Our operators take details of tenancy issues, provide information and assist you when reporting a repair. The operators use a range of information taken from our repairs policies and procedures to be able to help diagnose the repair and ensure it is responded to appropriately and to the correct timescales.

    Repairs raised by our operators are regularly reviewed by the repair planning team and feedback is given to the Contact Centre Managers to ensure that they have been allocated the correct repair timescale and that descriptions are as accurate as possible. Where it is found that extra training may need to be provided, this is addressed in team meetings as well as 1-2-1 meetings with the operators.

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