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Here are the first audited statutory accounts for Lincolnshire Housing Partnership (LHP).

LHP Financial Statements - March 2019

LHP came into being on 3 April 2018 and these are our Financial Statements and Value for Money documents published prior to the merger of Boston Mayflower and Shoreline.

Boston Mayflower Financial Statement 31 March 2018

Boston Mayflower Value for Money self-assessment 2016/17

Shoreline Housing Partnership Financial Statement 31 March 2018

Shoreline Housing Partnership Value for Money self-assessment 2016/17

Our initial business plan is based on effective management of our existing estate and only adding to it on a prudent and modest basis plan. Our initial focus is consolidating the two organisations into LHP, while continuing our existing major repair programme. We concentrate on our core product, social housing with some shared ownership properties. We have a modest growth programme of both types of properties but do not have any exposure to outright sales.

Our business plan is managed through a prudent framework of planning and decision making and we work within a set of ‘Financial Golden Rules’ agreed by our board. These set out our expected minimum operating margins, maximum net debt/turnover ratio and social housing interest cover. The business plan is also regularly stress-tested, both in respect of single variant sensitivities as well as more complex combinations of factors or scenarios.

Our current funding is a combination of a bank loan, a private placement and finance raised from the capital markets.

Meanwhile, LHP is delighted to report, that our latest Standard and Poor’s (S&P) rating is an A+, with specific praise for the way in which the organisation has managed itself, post-merger, our ability to handle the onset of Universal Credit, our engagement of tenants and our efforts to reduce rent arrears.

Furthermore, in presenting us with the rating, S&P goes on to say how we have effective management of other risks, including those associated with Brexit, the strain on the housing market and increased build costs.

S&P also identifies the organisation’s focus on ‘traditional social housing’ which provides a secure income and allows management to remain focused on growing a strong base post-merger.

To read the full report please click this link.

Investor contacts

Our Finance and Investor Relations Team is led by Julie Kennealy, Director of Resources. Julie is responsible for all aspects of LHP’s finances. A chartered accountant, she has extensive experience of working in the housing, local authority and not-for-profit sectors at a senior level as well as significant expertise in complex capital financing arrangements.

To contact Julie please email:


RNS Statement

Appointment of new Chair at LHP Limited

Lincolnshire Housing Partnership (LHP) is delighted to welcome Anthony Read as our new Chair of the Board of Management.

Anthony will officially begin in the role from 17 September, and he brings a wealth of experience from a banking and finance career that has spanned three decades.

Murray Macdonald, Chief Executive of LHP is excited to have Anthony on board.

“Anthony has strong skills in leading organisations, experience in housing, and a professional background in banking, all of which make him an ideal next Chair for us,” he said.

“He is very keen to get to know us as a company, and is eager to meet colleagues and get out visiting tenants and residents.”

Anthony’s comprehensive skill set includes considerable experience of customer relationships and leadership roles, where he built high-performing teams across various disciplines on a regional and national basis, and coached and mentored senior leaders on business issues and change management.

“I have a genuine passion for customer service, with extensive experience in property finance, risk assurance and debt management,” said Anthony.

“My own consultancy business provides non-executive and advisory support to a number of small and medium-sized enterprises across a diverse range of sectors.”

Anthony is also a co-opted member of the Audit Committee of Peaks and Plains Housing Trust, and is a family man, keen golfer and a World War II historian.

The appointment of our new Chair continues LHP’s commitment to our six strategic priorities, particularly in the area of ensuring strong governance and finance. Anthony will also be influential in helping LHP achieve its vision and values which, along with our strategic priorities, are outlined in our 2019-2023 Corporate Plan.

Appointment of Director of Resources at LHP Limited

Julie Kennealy has commenced as Director of Resources at LHP Limited.

Julie brings a wealth of finance experience to LHP and has joined us from Sutton Housing Partnership where she was Executive Director Resources. She has considerable experience at a senior level in public, private and not-for-profit organisations and an established track record in the development and delivery of major regeneration developments.

Change of Directors at Boston Mayflower Finance plc

On 3 April 2018 the Directors of Boston Mayflower Finance plc were changed from Lynda Bowen, Karen Hall, Murray Macdonald, Louisa Clarke and Sarah McKay to Murray Macdonald, Bridget Lloyd and Mark Jones.

Half year results - 30 September 2018

Appointment of Director of Business Transformation at LHP Limited

Suzanne Wicks has commenced her appointment as Director of Business Transformation at LHP Limited.

Suzanne has over 25 years' experience of working in the housing association and local government sectors. Previous roles have included Executive Director of IT and Private Sector Services, Managing Director of leasehold and PRS management subsidiary and Managing Director of her own consultancy company.

Appointment of new non-executive director for LHP Limited

From 1 December 2018, LHP has appointed Simon Parkes as a Board Member. Simon Parkes is a Chartered Management Accountant with extensive experience at Board level. After spending the early part of his career in the Armed Forces, Simon joined the Civil Service where he served on the boards of the Government Legal Department, Department for Education, Education Funding Agency and Skills Funding Agency. Simon joined the University of Lincoln as a Deputy Vice Chancellor in 2017. He lives in Lincoln.

Additionally, John Crowther joins the Board as a co-optee member.

Meet the Board

Information on Regulatory Notice, received from the Regulator for Social Housing

The Regulator of Social Housing has announced the results of our  In-Depth Assessment carried out during July 2019 . Our ratings for Governance and Financial Viability have remained at G2:V2. This means that we meet the regulator’s requirements in relation to governance.  Regarding viability, our grade demonstrates that we meet the regulator’s requirements and have the financial capacity to deal with a reasonable range of adverse scenarios.

You can view the judgement here.



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