Cover letter see you to the organisation

When sending your tailored CV to the recruiter you will also need to include a cover letter. The cover letter is your opportunity to explain why the recruiter should read your CV. You can do this by explaining why you are interested in the job, why you want to work for the organisation and the benefits to the organisation hiring you would bring them.

The cover letter should be simple, straight to the point and sell you to the organisation.


  • Address the letter to the appropriate person or ‘Sir/Madam’. Do not use ‘to whom it may concern’.
  • Know what the goal of your cover letter is and express it clearly and concisely. Concentrate on the positives and sound confident and professional.
  • Customise your cover letter to the position you are applying for. Indicate the job title in the cover letter. Answer these two questions: ‘why do you want this particular job?’ and ‘what can you do for the company?’
  • Proof your cover letter – spell check it, get a friend to read and check it.
  • Include a closing statement - Let the employer know that you want to follow up including when and how you will do so. This confirms your interest in the position and your professional etiquette. But remember, you must follow up when and how you indicated on the cover letter.


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