Why waste heat? little things that can make a big difference

Energy prices are rising, making electricity and heating costs more expensive. Every watt and volt we use is important. Some of these energy-saving hints and tips may seem obvious but they can make a big difference when it comes to reducing your fuel bills. Little things that can make a big difference…

Why waste heat?

It’s important you heat your home efficiently so you can save on your bills

  • Insulate the body - The cheapest way to save money is to wrap up. Put more clothes on when it’s cold rather than turn the heat up
  • Eliminate rooms - Think. Do you need to heat the whole house? Can you turn down the heating in certain rooms and close the doors?
  • Curtains - At dusk, close your curtains to stop heat escaping through the windows. And if you can, buy thick and thermal lined curtains
  • Draughts - Draughts allow warm air to escape and cold air in. Feel around windows, doors and letter boxes and block up wherever possible.

Check it, set it and turn it down

Make sure you know how to use your boiler and central heating system.

  • Is your water too hot? Your thermostat should be set at 60oC/140oF
  • If you have a programmer, set your heating and water to come on only when required
  • Turn your thermostat down by as little as one degree – it can save you 10% on energy bills.


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