Snub the tub ...and empower the shower

Energy prices are rising, making electricity and heating costs more expensive. Every watt and volt we use is important. Some of these energy-saving hints and tips may seem obvious but they can make a big difference when it comes to reducing your fuel bills. Little things that can make a big difference…

Getting water to your taps uses up a lot of energy, especially when it has to be heated up first. So using less water can save you a lot of money.

There are lots of ways you can waste less water in your home and with most of them you won’t even notice that you’re using less water. Here are some hints and tips to get you on your way to being more water efficient in your home:

  • Make sure that your dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryers are full before you use them and always use the most efficient water and energy settings.
  • A running tap wastes more than six litres of water a minute, so turn the tap off while brushing your teeth, shaving or washing your face – and use cold water if you don’t need hot.
  • A dripping tap can waste more than 5,500 litres a year, so make sure your taps are properly turned off.
  • When looking to replace water-using appliances, try to look for products that are water and energy efficient.
  • Snub the tub and have a shower, even if you replace one bath a week with a five minute shower.


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