Responsibilities – Ours and yours - Lincolnshire Housing Partnership

Responsibilities – Ours and yours


As your landlord, we are responsible for certain repairs to your home and repairs to shared communal areas that are caused by fair wear and tear, such as:

  • The structure and exterior of the building including the roof, drains and chimneys
  • Heating and plumbing appliances that we have fitted
  • Servicing of heating systems
  • Fixtures and fittings we have put in such as kitchen units
  • Doors – inside and outside the home
  • Windows
  • Electrical sockets, switches and wiring
  • Blocked drains*
  • Paths, steps and any fencing we own or have put up.

We will repair defects to your home that are due to fair wear and tear but not if they are caused by you, your family or any visitors.

If you are leaseholder or homeowner, you are responsible for your own repairs but we are responsible for shared communal areas.