World Bee Day - Lincolnshire Housing Partnership

Posted 21 May 2023

World Bee Day

Today is #WorldBeeDay, a day to celebrate the amazing things Bees do for us and the planet.  

Why are Bees so important? 

  • They help produce 1/3 of our food! In fact, due to the severe decrease in Bee populations in the UK, every year we import over 90,000 boxes of Bees to help pollinate our fruit crops.  
  • Bees support our ecosystem, pollinating our trees and wildflowers that support insects, birds and mammals 

Why do Bees need our help? 

  • We have lost 97% of our wildflower meadows since 1940 
  • Bees don’t often travel more than 500m away from their nest. As we take away nectar-rich flowers, they struggle to find nearby food sources to survive 

What are LHP doing? 

  • We have committed to introduce 5 new biodiversity sites each year 
  • We have seeked advice from charities such as the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and BugLife to understand how we can have a greater impact.  

What can you do?