Winter Sparkle at Mayfields - Lincolnshire Housing Partnership

Posted 22 December 2023

Winter Sparkle at Mayfields

On Wednesday 20 December, Mayfields had the pleasure of hosting its annual Winter Sparkle event, a heart-warming tradition that continues to shine brighter each year.

This special occasion held a poignant significance as it was generously funded by the family of a beloved lady who was an enthusiastic participant in our Sing for Fun sessions. In her honour, they chose to make a meaningful donation to our Memory Lane Dementia service, allowing us to come together for a joyful celebration of her life, as well as the festive season.

With entertainment from the talented singer, Charlie Buck, approximately 80 guests attended this year. This included Memory Lane clients, Sing for Fun attendees, and Mayfields residents, all gathering to sing, dance, and embrace the holiday spirit. The atmosphere was filled with joy, as evident in the photographs captured during the event.

One touching moment came from the daughter of a Memory Lane client, who shared, “I wasn’t certain about the happiness my mother found at Memory Lane, but today, I witnessed it first-hand. I’ve already shared a video with my entire family, and they are amazed!”

Our dedicated team also welcomed members of the Telecare team and our Independent Living Advisors, reinforcing the sense of community that defines Mayfields.

The party also enjoyed a festive buffet, featuring shimmering mince pies and gingerbread cookies, adding a touch of magic to the festivities.

As a bonus, a raffle held during the event raised an impressive £125 for the Mayfields residents fund, further contributing to our commitment to providing exceptional care and experiences.

We look forward to creating more cherished memories with the community in 2024.