Washdyke Phase 2 demolition starts 31 May 2019 Demolition machinery now on site

Work starts today on the second phase of a major residential redevelopment in the heart of Immingham.

A high reach excavator has moved onto the site of the former Washdyke Estate, to begin demolition of its final seven residential blocks and an accompanying garage development. Over the next month the buildings will go, one by one, with the area completely cleared and secured.

There will then follow a full consultation with the community and partners to look at the long-term future of the whole area.

The work is being carried out by Bloom Demolition and Excavation, on behalf of LHP, Bloom owner Paul Bloom is pleased with progress so far and confident the work will be completed on schedule.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with LHP on what seems to be a very well received redevelopment in this area of the town,” said Paul, who confirmed that the blocks had now been fully stripped out, with any necessary specialist work almost complete.

Phase one of the demolition, which involved the pulling down of six similar blocks, was completed in February, with the whole project given the green light after a major consultation exercise. At the time it was revealed how affected residents were offered new properties, with payments to cover the loss of their homes and disturbance.

During the pre-demolition phase of the project, LHP expressed its desire to transform the estate, due to a lack of demand and a need for regeneration of the area

Director of Property Mark Jones said LHP’s focus was now to move forward for the benefit of the wider Immingham community.

“Clearly there is still much work to do to create a vision for the area, however the first step is to demolish the blocks and clear the site,” said Mark.

“We can then take a breath and look at what is best for the town, for LHP and for those who wish to be a part of a new future for the centre of Immingham,” he added.

While the work is underway LHP and Bloom are reminding people that the site is unsafe, and residents should not enter the area at any time or allow children to play there. Residents are also asked to keep a safe distance from the work.

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