Uniform Recycling Helps Women's Aid - Lincolnshire Housing Partnership

Posted 12 June 2018

Uniform Recycling Helps Women’s Aid

LHP is taking a creative approach to disposing of old uniform, transforming would be landfill into new textiles and charity profit.

Lincolnshire Housing Partnership – LHP was formed from a merger between Shoreline and Boston Mayflower in April 2018 resulting in a new logo and the launch of new uniforms, leaving old garments surplus to requirements.

Now bags and bags of old uniform is being donated to local charity Women’s Aid to be recycled into garaging material and stuffing while raising valuable funds for the domestic abuse charity.

LHP communications advisor Kristina Parker said: “We wanted to dispose of our old uniform in the best way possible, not just creating landfill.

“This allows us to recycle it while making a difference to Women’s Aid who play such a vital role in the local community.”

Recycling for cash is just one of the ways Women’s Aid raise much needed funds collecting rags, empty packets, used stamps and broken jewellery.