Tree Survey 2021 - Lincolnshire Housing Partnership

Posted 1 October 2021

Tree Survey 2021

As part of our commitment to put the Customer First, we’re letting you know about some important work we’re undertaking next week (Monday 4 October to Friday 8 October).

We have employed the services of a specialist tree consultant, Tim Moya Associates (TMA), to undertake detailed rear and side garden tree surveys of LHP properties.

TMA will be visiting properties between the above dates to inspect tree(s) in gardens, so that we can assess any risks and work on a course of action.

Due to the number of properties involved in the survey, we’re unable to give you an exact time when TMA will be visiting your garden. What we ask from you is to make every effort to allow access to the survey team, as they will be unable to organise a return visit.

If you do not have trees in your garden area, then you will not need to have the survey done.

TMA employees will be still be employing social distancing measures during the inspection. They will also only need access to gardens where tree inspections are required – no access to inside your property is needed.

Due to the current fuel shortages that we are experiencing in the UK, TMA have indicated that this may lengthen the amount of time it takes to complete the survey. This means that the survey may extend into the week of Monday 11 October to Friday 15 October. We will keep you posted on any updates we receive on this matter.

If you have any further queries or require any further information, please click here to read our FAQ document. Alternatively, please contact our team by clicking here.