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Posted 20 May 2024

Telecare: Your questions answered

In a world where technological advancements are driving every industry, the care sector is no different. Telecare is technology-enabled care, a type of digital technology that provides alternative options to those who wish to live independently in their own home for longer.  

Below we answer the most commonly asked questions about our telecare service to help provide you with the best information we can.  

What is telecare? 

Telecare is the use of technologies such as remote monitoring and emergency alarms to enable people to live independently and confidently in their own homes. It also brings peace of mind to loved ones that help is on hand 24/7, should the need arise.  

How does our telecare service work? 

Our telecare service works through a Digital Lifeline – a small box that plugs directly into the customer’s standard socket and runs off a SIM card. Alongside this, we offer various packages including a pendant, key safe, fall detector, sensor, smoke and heat detector and a 24/7 response service.  All of these tools provide our customers with the highest level of care and our bespoke packages allow the individual to choose which tools work for them.  

Is telecare covered by the NHS? 

Unfortunately, our telecare services are not currently funded by the NHS. We have different packages to suit different needs ranging from basic to premium. Our basic packages start at £17.89 per month, which includes a Digital Smarthub, single pendant, and 24/7 monitoring. Our premium package costs £36.37 per month, which includes everything in the basic package plus a fall detector, key safe and Age UK response. 

What are the advantages of our telecare service? 

The Digital Lifeline offers convenient access to healthcare support and can provide immediate assistance should an emergency arise. This support enables customers to feel empowered in their own homes, ultimately leading to independence for the individual, peace of mind for their relatives and less stress on an already stretched NHS.  

There are also many additional benefits that we provide with Lincolnshire Telecare Service, including:  

  • 24/7 Monitoring and Response Service – fully staffed 24 hours a day, every day.  
  • A discreet Digital Lifeline unit that runs off a SIM card that simply plugs into a mains power socket. 
  • A comfortable and easy-to-use pendant worn on the wrist or neck that has a range of 50 metres and is water resistant so can be used in the shower. 
  • Regular wellbeing calls for everything from a general chat on wellbeing to medication reminders. 
  • We have built a reputation for delivering exceptional standards of service, achieving accreditation to the TEC Services Association’s Quality Standards Framework as well as being awarded the Customer Service Excellence Standard 

Who will answer the call if I activate my pendant alarm? 

Our team of expert advisors will always answer your call immediately, whether it’s an emergency or not. Should you need additional help, your advisor will contact the relevant individual/service for that care. 

Wellbeing calls that are made to you will also always be at an agreed time and from a familiar member of the team where possible.  

What if I activate my pendant alarm by accident?   

False alarms are not a problem. If you accidentally activate your device, you can simply inform the advisor that the alarm was pressed by accident. Once the advisor knows you are safe, they will close the line of communication.  

How can I get started with telecare? 

Get your full free independent consultation on your personal safety requirements by using our contact us form or by calling us on 01205 318588. You can also find out more information about our Lincolnshire Telecare Service and our packages in our brochure