Roofing programme launches in Boston & local villages - LHP

Posted 4 July 2023

Roofing programme launches in Boston and surrounding areas

We are thrilled to unveil our roofing programme, aimed at improving the lives of customers in Boston and its surrounding areas, including Fishtoft and Wyberton. As a local social housing landlord committed to creating sustainable and thriving communities, our innovative initiative is set to address the pressing need for safe and secure roofs. This will provide better living conditions for all residents.

Our roofing programme is a comprehensive effort that seeks to uplift communities by providing high-quality roof repairs and replacements. This project aims to improve the overall aesthetics, functionality, and longevity of housing in the area, thereby promoting well-being and fostering a renewed sense of pride among residents.

Spearheading the programme is Sally Vardy, Project Manager who shares our unwavering commitment to community development. Sally expressed her excitement about the potential impact of this initiative, stating, “Our roofing programme is a significant step towards transforming the housing landscape in Boston and its surrounding areas. By investing in safe and secure roofs, we are not only ensuring a better quality of life for customers but also promoting a positive impact in our neighbourhoods.”

Roofing consultation

At the core of our roofing programme lies a commitment to empowering customers. Through active consultation and collaboration, we aim to understand the unique needs and aspirations of each community, ensuring that the roofing solutions provided are tailored to specific requirements. By involving customers in the decision-making process, we encourage a keen sense of belonging within local communities.

In addition to the tangible benefits for customers, the roofing programme creates valuable employment opportunities within the local area. We are dedicated to working with skilled contractors and suppliers from Boston and its surroundings, thereby ensuring that the project has a positive economic impact on the area. For more information on our work in local communities, have a look at our 2022-2027 Corporate Strategy.