Meet our Apprentices for National Apprenticeship Week - LHP

Posted 6 February 2024

Meet our apprentices for National Apprenticeship Week

This week is National Apprenticeship Week and we wanted to introduce you our current apprentices.  

What is the LHP apprenticeship programme? 

At LHP we have created our own programme for all employed apprentices, the programme offers first-rate support, so they thrive in their apprenticeship. 

This support includes: 

  • A designated Talent Mentor who meets with them personally every six weeks to discuss how their apprenticeship is going, identify any support that is needed, and ensure that they are on track to complete their apprenticeship  
  • Accompanying them to meetings with their training providers, to understand their progress, projects they are completing and ensuring there is alignment with their workplace experience  
  • Attendance at our quarterly training events, where they can learn new transferable skills
  • Access to our Corporate Training Prospectus to book on LHP Courses which they can use as their Off the job records 

Gary Frobisher, Talent & Acquisition Manager said: “So far, we have met four times as a group.

“The apprentices have benefited from some great training courses on time management, presentation skills & how to be assertive and confident.” 

The next session is on Thursday 29 February, at the YMCA Lincolnshire Showroom in Lincoln, where the apprentices will present “My first 12 months as an apprentice at LHP” to a group of their colleagues.  

Find out more about National Apprenticeship Week on the NAW website. You can also check out the latest opportunities to join our team here.

Who are our apprentices? 

Shae Bray 

Team: CSC Housing 

Apprenticeship: Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner 

Lucy Buxton  

Team: ICT & Digital Services 

Apprenticeship: Level 4 Business Analyst 


Vanessa Fielder  

Team: Customer Team 

Apprenticeship: Level 4 Facilities Management 

Emily Sendall 

Team: Risk & Assurance Team 

Apprenticeship: Level 3 Business Administration 

George Holcombe 

Team: Electrical Team 

Apprenticeship: Level 3 – Installation Electrician & Maintenance Electrician  

Mel Cheuk 

Team: Housing Team 

Apprenticeship: Level 3 Housing Management 

Connor Johnson 

Team: Plumbing & Heating Team 

Apprenticeship: Level 4 Plumbing Heating & Gas Apprenticeship 

Dom Carpenter 

Team: ICT & Digital Services 

Apprenticeship: Level 3 IT Digital Delivery 

Olly Taylor 

Team: Electrical Team 

Apprenticeship: Level 3 Electrotechnical Apprenticeship