Supporting measures to address nuisance odours - LHP

Posted 28 May 2024

Lincolnshire Housing Partnership support measures to address nuisance odours affecting customers’ well-being

At Lincolnshire Housing Partnership (LHP), we recognise the importance of ensuring our customers enjoy a high quality of life in their homes. That’s why we are supporting new measures aimed at tackling the unpleasant odours that have been affecting the well-being of some members of our communities.

Working closely with the Safer Lincolnshire Partnership, we are taking proactive steps to address nuisance odours caused by the use of illicit substances, such as cannabis, in our homes. While existing environmental laws empower local authorities to investigate odours related to industrial or commercial activities, they often fall short when it comes to addressing issues within residential areas. In response to this gap, the Safer Lincolnshire Partnership has introduced the innovative Lincolnshire Noxious Odours Procedure, a pioneering initiative believed to be the first of its kind in the country.

Responding to complaints of nuisance odours

This procedure outlines how local authorities and partner agencies, including housing associations like ours, will respond to complaints regarding persistent and unpleasant smells associated with illicit substance use in private residences. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to identify and address these issues effectively, utilising alternative tools and powers at our disposal.

Zoe Walters, businesses manager for the Safer Lincolnshire Partnership, emphasises the significance of this approach: “Persistent odours can significantly impact residents’ daily lives. With the new procedure in place, we, along with our partner agencies such as the police and housing associations, can now investigate and take action against nuisance odours caused by illicit substances, especially when they contribute to wider anti-social behaviour or adversely affect the community or individuals.”

What to do if nuisance odours are affecting you

Sue Sendall, ASB Manager at LHP added: “Customers affected by such odours are encouraged to maintain a record detailing the nature, duration, and timing of the smells they experience. This information will enable us to identify patterns, investigate the root causes, and take appropriate actions to resolve the issue, drawing upon our available powers and collaborating with law enforcement if necessary.

“Importantly, our approach prioritises assistance and support for individuals involved before resorting to formal proceedings. By intervening early and providing necessary support, we aim to mitigate potential harm and safeguard those in vulnerable situations.”

If you encounter persistent odours from a residential property that you suspect may be linked to illicit substance use, we urge you to reach out to us. Together, we can work towards creating safer and more enjoyable living environments.

For further inquiries or to report an issue, please visit our website.