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Posted 25 February 2019

LHP Protect Their Staff and Residents

A MAN who attacked a housing association employee and a paramedic in two separate incidents has been banned from an Immingham residential estate and another town street, until 2023.

To prevent the risk of further attacks on staff and its property, and to support residents, Lincolnshire Housing Partnership (LHP) has successfully applied for an order that excludes the man from entering or visiting any properties on the town’s Reedmere Estate or Princess Street on his release from prison. LHP manages 304 properties on the estate and owns and manages a further nine homes on Princess Street.

He received a two-and-a-half-year sentence in November 2018, after pleading guilty to grievous bodily harm against the LHP employee and criminal damage to an LHP vehicle in March 2018.

The court also heard how he had assaulted a female paramedic by repeatedly kicking her and possessing a folding knife during a separate incident last August.

After getting an initial injunction preventing the man from re-entering the two areas, LHP wanted to ensure he was barred over a longer period, which covers his release – it has been indicated that he may be eligible for home detention curfew from May 2019, just six months into his sentence.

During this latest hearing, LHP successfully obtained the exclusion zone requested and extended the duration of the Injunction and power of arrest until 2023, a total of five years.

Representing LHP Shirley Faragher, Partner at Forbes Solicitors, said: “Hopefully staff, contractors and other residents can rest assured knowing that even if the defendant is released from prison early, he will not be able to return to Princess Street or The Reedmere Estate until March 12, 2023.”

LHP Chief Executive Murray Macdonald said how this case demonstrated the organisation’s commitment to protecting both its staff and residents.

“A prompt and robust response to this incident has resulted in a clear message being sent to others who may be thinking about engaging in similar behaviour. LHP now has an order that provides staff with additional protection to be able to continue with their duties as well as allowing other residents a peaceful enjoyment of their tenancy,” he said.