Keep it Clear, No Blockages Here - Lincolnshire Housing Partnership

Posted 23 January 2019

Keep it Clear, No Blockages Here

Oil funnels, sink strainers and gunk pots are three handy aids included in packs being delivered to Lincolnshire Housing Partnership customers in Boston as residents are encouraged to ‘Keep It Clear’ and ‘Drop 20 litres a day’!

All new residents moving into LHP homes in the borough will find a free Anglian Water pack waiting for them as the two organisations unite to fight the continual issue of blocked domestic drains, while highlighting the importance of saving water.

“Keep It Clear, No Blockages Here” is the name of the campaign launched by the water company to raise awareness of the chronic problems caused by householders pouring such items as fats, oils and grease down sinks, while also flushing wipes and sanitary waste.

Jackie Lane, Project Assistant from Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service, helps Anglian Water to spread the messages about the Keep It Clear and Water Saving programmes.

She said: “Many people are unaware of the costs and the misery such blockages can cause with internal and external flooding, loss of toilet use, potential pollution and harm to the environment.

“Meanwhile, we live in the fastest growing region in the UK and the forecast is for even more unpredictable weather. Anglian Water is asking everyone to ‘’drop 20 litres of water a day – about two buckets’ full,” added Jackie.

The packs being distributed to LHP residents moving into new homes include:

  • An oil funnel that screws on to the top of plastic empty drinks bottles to pour used cooled cooking oil into. When full it can be put into a bin or taken to a recycling centre;
  • A sink strainer;
  • A scraper to scrape leftovers from plates and dishes;
  • A gunk pot that folds down for easy storage and is used by the sink to dispose of food scraps.
  • Anglian Water information leaflets advising people on how to change behaviours;
  • Details on how to apply for a free ‘Bits and Bobs’ home visit from Anglian Water during which householders are advised on how to save water. If you’re on a metered supply, you could save up to £40 annually, with energy bills falling too as you will be heating less water.

Rachel Long, LHP lettings manager, said: “Our residents and communities can make a difference, and we are happy to be helping to ensure they understand the need to take care when pouring, flushing and using water in general. We hope to become engaged in more activities of this kind.”