Electrical Testing Programme - Lincolnshire Housing Partnership

Posted 9 August 2018

Electrical Testing Programme

Boston Mayflower merged with Shoreline in April 2018 to form LHP.

As our services come together, we are reviewing the best practice of both organisations.

As part of this, we have decided to accelerate our electrical testing programme in the south of the county – reducing it from a ten year programme to a five year one.

We want to make sure you are safe in your home. It is our legal duty to make sure that your home – and its electrical systems such as fuse boards, sockets, switches and lighting – are safe.

This means that from Monday 13 August 2018, we will begin an immediate six month electrical testing programme across all of our southern housing stock.

Here are some useful question and answers to tell you more…

How will I know when my test is taking place?
If you are a LHP customer in south Lincolnshire, we will arrange for a qualified electrician to visit you.

You will receive an ‘electric safety check’ letter providing you with your pre-arranged appointment details.

What about customers in the north?
The electrical testing programme in the north is already a five year programme. This will continue as planned and you will be sent a letter when your electrical safety check is due.

Do I have to pay for the safety check?
No – the electrical safety check is free and is part of our commitment to testing the safety of your home.

What if my appointment is not at a suitable time?
If your appointment is not convenient, please contact us immediately so we can arrange a more suitable date and time. Telephone 0345 604 0015 or email bostonservicing@lincolnshirehp.com

We provide morning, afternoon or weekend appointments and we can avoid ‘school run’ times.

You must provide us with access to your home to carry out this check.

How long will the check take?
The check will take between two and four hours dependent on the system within your home.

Do I need to do anything?
To help us prepare for the check, please make sure:

  • We can access the electrical fuse board, sockets, switches and lights throughout your home
  • You have a minimum of £2 credit on your prepayment electric meter if you have one.

Minimum disruption should be caused but you may need to temporarily unplug your appliances. The electrician will discuss this with you before the check.

My electric supply is no longer being used do I still need an electrical safety check?
Yes – we still need to carry out a safety check by law but this will only take approximately 15 minutes of your time.

Is this the new LHP telephone number?
No. Because we are testing lots of properties within six months, we have created a dedicated telephone line to help deal with enquiries and book the tests in.