Doer-Upper scheme update 07 June 2019 Ross has been working on his Doer-Upper

Delighted first-time-buyer Ross Raworth has stepped onto the housing ladder and is the proud owner of a lovely Victorian property in Cleethorpes – thanks to our ‘doer-uppers’ scheme.

“I am just thrilled and cannot praise this LHP scheme enough, I just want to spread the word about how good it is and how others can buy a first home in this way,” said Ross.

Ross, 27, had been steadily putting money to one side towards a deposit on his first home when he heard about ‘doer-uppers’, which offers first-time buyers in North East Lincolnshire up to 35 per cent off the value of selected properties. All are owned by LHP and need differing amounts of refurbishment.

For Ross the perfect home has now come his way – and one he would have never been able to afford otherwise. The four-bed terrace 1880s property on Poplar Road, Cleethorpes, is close to the seafront, with a large rear garden and a spacious ground floor incorporating a kitchen and three reception rooms and was on the market for just £48,750.

“I was waiting for an opportunity to come up and had this offer accepted last October. This scheme has been invaluable and yes, there is a lot of work to do, but I am in no rush and will do it bit by bit as I save some more money,” said Ross, who moved in, in February after creating a self-contained living space in the largest bedroom.

The first jobs have been to open-up the outside space, and create a parking area at the front, with a new dropped kerb installed. He then plans to knock-through some of the ground floor to accommodate a kitchen and dining area with complete refurbishment of the other rooms.

While Ross appreciates that it is hard for people, like himself, to buy a home he says it really is worth it. He also encouraged people to look at schemes that are around, such as the Government’s Help to Buy and Lifetime ISAs.

“I have been given a real leg-up here and for that I am so grateful, and if I can do it then others can too,” he added.

For further details of all our ‘doer-uppers’ and eligibility please visit our Doer-Uppers page.


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