Cut out the condensation in your home 27 March 2019

Our teams at LHP have produced a new leaflet aimed at helping residents to prevent condensation in their homes.

The printed leaflet, which is being distributed this spring, provides lots of tips and advice on cutting the amount of moisture that gathers in homes – and reminds people of their responsibilities as tenants, along with the actions that LHP will take as landlords.

So, as tenants how can you stop condensation:

  1. Ensure rooms are heated to comfortable levels 18-21 Degrees Celsius throughout the day, rather than just an hour or so where rooms can remain cold. If possible, keep a low background heat on all day.
  2. Rooms require adequate ventilation, during the winter; try to open your windows three times a day, ensuring that your central heating is off at the time. If your windows have vents, leave them constantly open.
  3. If your home has extractor fans fitted, keep them switched on, and use the boost function when cooking/ bathing, and for a min of 30 minutes afterwards.
  4. Close doors to the kitchen and bathroom when in use to stop moisture spreading to colder rooms.
  5. Always cook with pan lids on and run a bath with cold water first. 
  6. Dry clothes outside or in the bathroom with doors closed and a window open / fan on, or by use of a vented tumble dryer, and not left on radiators.
  7. Wipe down windows and walls daily if you are causing condensation to form.
  8. Clean mould when it first shows and redecorate using a quality fungicidal paint.
  9. Ventilate cupboards and wardrobes and avoid overfilling to allow air to circulate.
  10. Where possible position furniture against internal walls.
  11. Do not use paraffin or bottled gas heaters.

And what are the responsibilities of LHP?

  • Our role is to offer appropriate advice for keeping your home warm, but well ventilated too, so you can avoid problems of condensation and mould;
  • We will also carry out thorough inspections for complaints of rising or penetrating damp and undertake necessary repairs or improvements for the structure of the building where it is being compromised by damp. But please remember, as your landlord, we are not responsible for mould damage to your personal possessions caused by condensation which arises from not managing condensation in your home.
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