Case Study: Mrs Shirley Ranshaw - Lincolnshire Housing Partnership

Posted 15 May 2024

Case Study: Mrs Shirley Ranshaw

In this case study we are going to explore what the Lincolnshire Telecare Service is and why it is a lifeline for over 7,500 people across Lincolnshire. 

The Lincolnshire Housing Partnership (LHP) recently visited a customer near Boston, Mrs Shirley Ranshaw, to find out what it means to her to have access to the Digital Lifeline provided through the Lincolnshire Telecare Service.  

Mrs Ranshaw sadly had a stroke in 2010 and since then has had limited mobility which impacts what she can do.  

Mrs Ranshaw told us: “I got it [telecare service] soon after I came out of hospital after I had my stroke and that’s 14 years ago. I’ve always been independent. I didn’t like the idea of not being able to do what I did before this happened.” 


What is the Lincolnshire Telecare Service? 

The Lincolnshire Telecare Service is a partnership between Lincolnshire Housing Partnership and Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire. The partnership provides a wide range of technical support options across Lincolnshire which allow our thousands of satisfied customers to live independently in their own homes or provide additional care in our sheltered living accommodation. 

The Digital Lifeline package includes a pendant that can be worn around the wrist or neck which can be pressed to gain fast access to support and assistance from the LHP Lifeline Team. Once the pendant is activated, one of the team at LHP will respond immediately to the customer and take the appropriate course of action including calling the emergency services, if required, or contacting a member of the family or nominated contact to assist. 


Why the Lifeline is Important to Mrs Ranshaw 

Mrs Ranshaw explained how much she loves the Digital Lifeline because of the independence it gives her. It also gives her friends and family peace of mind as they know she is one button press away from any assistance she may need.  

Mrs Ranshaw told us: “It’s knowing that if I fall, heaven forbid, I can always press that pendant, and there’ll be someone at the other end who I can talk to and who will ask me if I need an ambulance or a doctor. It’s there and you can use it!” 


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Across Lincolnshire 7,500 people enjoy the benefits of the Digital Lifeline.  

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