Carol's new home 16 May 2019 New home has transformed the life of LHP tenant Carol and her family

New home has transformed the life of LHP tenant Carol and her family

For Carol Wattam life in her former family home in Cleethorpes became a real struggle when deteriorating health saw her confined to a wheelchair.

Suffering from fibromyalgia syndrome, (FMS), alongside other health issues, Carol found it almost impossible to get around the house. With a downstairs bathroom, small rooms and hallways it was a battle to move between floors, with husband Paul having to lift and carry.

Carol said: “We were in Cleethorpes for 15 years and while living in the resort was absolutely wonderful, when I started to need the wheelchair, life in the house became very, very difficult.

“I would struggle to walk and so needed lifting up and down the stairs which was particularly bad if I needed to use the ground floor bathroom during the night. At that time there were four of us in the house too, with our daughter Nikki and son Lee living at home so the space was an issue too,” explained Carol.

Now though, Carol and her family have a whole new home life in a specially adapted property in Humberston where they have transferred to one of our new properties at the popular Par-3 development.

Theirs is one of two rental homes now occupied at The Rowans on Par-3 that have been specially designed for wheelchair users to live independently. Two other similar properties are for sale under our popular part-buy, part-rent Shared Ownership Scheme.

They have wide internal and external doors, accessible sockets and light switches, easy access kitchen and living areas with wheelchair space under the worktop, an adaptable kitchen, level access shower room and a toilet with wheelchair access and handrails. Reinforced joists have also been installed over the bed area and toilet, with a staircase designed with a lift in mind. In addition, a through-floor lift is now installed in the Wattam family home.

“In myself I feel brilliant now, health and mobility-wise this is perfect and has made such a difference to my quality of life. It is a lovely area too,” said Carol.

Leigh Collingwood Head of Lettings is delighted to have helped the family.

“No-one should be prevented from being able to enjoy their home as much as possible, whether buying or renting and here at LHP our desire is to offer a wide variety of properties that will hopefully satisfy the needs of our communities.”

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