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How we're doing

How are we doing?

We want to ensure we deliver quality services to our customers, to support this we track our performance on a monthly basis across a number of key metrics, which we compare against our own targets and our peers.

Performance is continually reviewed and when needed action is taken for improvement.

LHP has in place a robust building compliance regime, which is monitored and scrutinised regularly at all levels of the organisation.

By 2023 we aim to have achieved upper quartile service delivery.


Our Performance

March 22April 22May 22Peer Group AverageOur Target
Percentage of homes with a valid gas safety certificate (%)99.89%99.93%99.93%99.98%100%
Percentage of domestic properties with EICR certificates up to five years old (%)99.95%99.92%99.98%96.8%100%
Percentage of emergency repairs completed in time (%)98%99.6%96.1%Not Applicable99.6%
Percentage of repairs completed at first visit (%)83.94%85.07%84.01%92.7%93.8%
Current tenant arrears at the end of the month (%)2.19%2.94%3.21%2.92%2.49%
Percentage of properties vacant but available to let at the end of the month (%)1.03%0.96%0.98%0.60%0.86%
Number of formal complaints received in month393420Not AvailableNo Target
Percentage of complaints resolved within timescale in month (%)91.67%72.4%62.5%87.1%95%

Customer First

One of our core values is “Customer First”.  This means we put customers at the heart of our decision making and develop homes and services which are built around your needs. We have established a Customer Scrutiny Panel and  several Key Service Improvement Panels, which  review and make recommendations as to how LHP can improve its service putting the customer at the heart of our decision making, ensuring we listen, act and learn,  a core value to us at LHP.

We also regularly seek feedback on the delivery of our services to you through survey, and by April 2023 we aim to have gained top quartile customer satisfaction.

Voice of the customer - What we were told after the latest service experience by our customers

March 22April 22May 22Peer Group AverageOur Target
Customer Satisfaction with repairs in month (%)94.3%96.56%95.16%88.6%94%
Satisfaction with the allocations and lettings process100%100%100%96.05%97.9%
New tenant satisfaction with the overall condition of the property in relation to our letting's standard81.25%85%80%Not available90%
Customer satisfaction with complaint handling35.71%62.5%25%65.6%74.25%
Satisfaction with ASB case handling90%81.25%57.14%75.50%80%

Get Involved

If you want to get involved in shaping the service delivery of LHP through any of the panels,  take a look at the getting involved section of  the website here.