Rent a Home from applying for a home to finding one you’d like to live in

Thanks for your interest in renting a home with us. We’re here to guide you through the process, from applying for a home to finding one you’d like to live in, to the costs you need to think about before you start running a home. Like any landlord, we want customers who take pride in their home. Most of our customers are proud to be LHP tenants and we are proud of our tenants.

To be one of our tenants you need to:

  • Pay your full rent and service charges in advance and when due
  • Keep your home in good condition
  • Look after your garden
  • Let us know promptly if you need a repair
  • Respond to our requests for access such as getting in to do your annual gas safety check
  • Be a good neighbour by being considerate, tolerant and looking out for your neighbours
  • Take pride in your neighbourhood
  • Treat our employees with polite respect

How are we different?

Well, you don’t need to pay a deposit, a months’ rent in advance or an administration fee* – just one week’s rent in advance. In most of our properties you get an assured tenancy, unlike the six month shorthold that many private landlords offer. This means you have a long term and secure home as long as you keep to the terms of your tenancy. We provide an excellent repairs service and 24 hour repair reporting line.


  • We provide support to tenants who are finding it difficult to manage their homes.
  • We provide a dedicated team to work with the police and others to prevent crime or anti-social behaviour in our neighbourhoods.
  • You can get involved and play a part to improve our services.

All for a reasonable and affordable rent. We look forward to you joining us.

* The 'no admin fee' refers to the sign-up process and the grant of a tenancy


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