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Consultation on the standards

we use to maintain your home

Consultation on the standards we use to maintain your home: Proposed change from Decent Homes+ Standard to Decent Homes Standard

The government has a definition on what a decent home is. It is called the Decent Homes Standard. As a social landlord, this government guidance applies to us and the homes we provide to you. There’s more information about the Decent Homes Standard on the government website.

We would like to move from Decent Homes Standard Plus to Decent Homes Standard. This is so we can do the things that you told us were important in your homes and your neighbourhoods, such as fences, paths, entrance lobbies and stairways to our flats.

We want to plan more of our repairs to our current homes, including improving our neighbourhoods and communal areas, as well reducing any backlog of works. (You can find out more about what that means in the enclosed FAQs).

In turn, we will be able to reduce future waiting times, communicate to you more clearly on when to expect works to be completed on your home, and focus on the key areas that you told us about when you helped us to produce our 2022-2027 Corporate Strategy, Building Better Communities Together.

Social Housing and Affordable Housing rent cap

The government sets the rent for your home and from April 2023, this was due to rise in line with the consumer price index (CPI) rate plus 1 per cent. CPI is the instrument used by the government to measure inflation. With inflation reaching 10.1 per cent in September, your rent increase next year would have been 11.1 per cent if the government had stuck to this formula.

Following consultation during the summer 2022, the government announced in November 2022 that social and affordable housing rents will be capped at 7% for 2023 in response to the cost-of-living crisis.

While this is good news for customers, the “rent cap” means that LHP needs to adjust our plans so that we can continue to invest in your homes and neighbourhoods.

We recognise that this is a really difficult time for you in balancing your household budget and we know that this increase will still not be easy for you given the cost-of-living and high energy costs.

However, without sufficient income from rents, as your landlord we would not be able to maintain your homes and provide you with services that you have the right to expect from us.

Your feedback

We’re an organisation that is committed to ‘Listen, Act and Learn’, one of our core values. That’s why your feedback is so important to us. Have a thorough read of our Decent Homes Standard proposal below or read about the proposals on this page, and then let us know whether they work for you. Is this what you asked for? If there are any changes you would like us to make or you would like us to consult with you in a different manner, then please just let us know.

After you’ve had a look at our proposals fill in our online form to let us know your thoughts. The form will be open until 5pm on Monday 13 February.

Let us know your thoughts

Decent Homes Standard Proposal brochure

OK, so what's the difference between Decent Homes+ and Decent Homes Standards

The differences between the two standards are best explained in the below table:

Lifespan Comparison

Decent Homes+ StandardDecent Homes StandardProposed Change
Windows & Doors30 years40 years for houses; 30 years for flats10-year increase for houses; no change for flats
Central Heating Illustrations15 years15 yearsNo change
Bathroom / Wet room Installations25 years40 years15-year increase
Kitchen Installations20 years30 years10-year increase

What do I do next?

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