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Damp and Condensation

Damp in your property can be caused by more than a failed damp proof course. Other factors that can cause mould to appear include leaking pipes, roof leaks or condensation.

Condensation is one of the most common causes. The good news is you can keep condensation to a minimum, reducing the risk of damp and mould growth.

Here’s how:

1. Produce less moisture:

  • put lids on pans when cooking
  • do not leave kettles boiling
  • avoid using paraffin and portable flue less bottled-gas heaters
  • dry clothes outdoors whenever possible
  • vent your tumble dryer to the outside

2. Ventilate your home:

  • keep a small window ajar or a trickle ventilator open especially when you’re cooking. Always be aware of safety and security and remember to close your windows when you are leaving home
  • close kitchen and bathroom doors when you are using them and leave a window open for a short while when you’ve finished to let the moisture out.
  • open doors to ventilate cupboards and wardrobes

3. Keep your home warmer if you can by:

  • draughtproofing windows and external doors
  • keeping low background heating on all day, with background ventilation
  • finding out about benefits, rebates, grants and help with fuel bills
  • leave space between the backs of wardrobes and the wall