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Tenant inspectors

Tenant Inspectors are tenants who visit various locations, checking the quality of the work that has been completed there. Occasionally the groups may be asked to carry out work to support the Customer Scrutiny Panel.

There are three groups of Tenant Inspectors:

  • Property inspectors
    • Meeting one a week over a four week period each quarter, Property Inspectors visit empty properties to make sure they are up to standard ready for relet.
  • Greenspace inspectors
    • Greenspace Inspectors meet every six weeks during the summer months checking the standards of grass cutting, weed spraying and hedge trimming.
  • Painting and joinery inspectors
    • The group monitors the external painting and joinery work carried out by our contractors.

Service Voice

Service Voices are made up of tenants who work with us to help improve service delivery, make sure services are customer focussed and develop and monitor Service Standards.

There are five Service Voices and they are:

  • Your Home
  • Your Neighbourhood
  • Your Wellbeing
  • Your Customer Service
  • Your Money

You can only be a member of one of these groups at any one time and the level of your time required for any of these groups is about two hours every six weeks.


Join us for a walkabout in your local area, looking at play areas, garage sites or green spaces we are responsible for and making suggestions for improvements.

Reading Group

Want to get involved, but can't commit too much time? Our Reading Group could be the ideal option for you! The group only requires around one hour of your time, every three months and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home.

The Reading Group make sure the information we provide is clear, easy to understand and in Plain English.

Focus Groups

These will be set up when there are particular areas of concern in an area or about a service to discuss the issues and ways to resolve them. They will be a short term solution to specific issues.

Customer Scrutiny Panel

The Customer Scrutiny Panel investigates a service area by looking at performance, customer feedback, policies and procedures, publications and sector best practice and can commission specialist advice. The Panel then makes recommendations on how to improve service delivery. The Panel aims to submit four service review reports per year.

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