Keeping pets pets are important to people

We know that pets are important to people. They provide companionship, happiness, security and many health benefits. However, where people do not take proper care of their pet the animal can suffer and if not properly controlled they can cause nuisance, annoyance and damage.

Depending upon the type of LHP home you live in, you may need our permission before you can keep a pet. We will consider if your home is suitable and whether you are willing and able to be a responsible pet owner. We will require you to sign an agreement to say that you abide by our conditions and take full responsibility for your pet.

If you're a customer in the North - Grimsby and surrounding areas - you can complete our pet permission form online.

If you're a customer in the South - Boston and surrounding areas - please speak to your housing officer if you have any questions or need any more information. You can email them or send them a message.


Our expectations:

1. You must take full responsibility for your pet’s welfare.

2. You must make sure that your pet does not cause nuisance or annoyance to anyone else.

This means you should:

  • not leave your dog to continuously bark or howl *
  • not let your dog stray into neighbour’s gardens
  • keep your pet secured so that it can’t run loose and frighten or harm anyone
  • keep your pet in a separate room if we are coming to visit you to inspect your property or carry out repairs
  • clean up any mess or faeces including in your own garden
  • keep your pet under control when you take it for a walk
  • not use your pet to threaten or intimidate anyone else
  • not leave your pet behind or unattended for long periods

If your pet causes nuisance and annoyance to others, you may put your home at risk, as we will take enforcement action against you.

* We realise that dogs make noise but if a dog is barking or howling continuously this can be a sign of distress and you should seek advice from agencies that can help.

3. You must make sure that your pet does not cause damage to the property

  • You are responsible if your pet scratches doors or cupboards.
  • You need to regularly clean up after your pet in the home to prevent excess hair or odours.
  • You need to regularly open a window to avoid condensation.
  • You must take all reasonable precautions to make sure that your pet does not infect a property with fleas or other parasites.
  • You need to repair any damage that your pet causes to gates or fences or other boundaries.

We will recharge for any damage to your property that your pet causes including the cost of fumigating to deal with any infestation.

5. Dangerous animals

We will not agree to you keeping any pet that is listed as dangerous under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976. This includes any dangerous dogs. We will not agree to you keeping any dog listed as dangerous under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. We will notify the authorities if we suspect you are keeping a dangerous animal as a pet including any dangerous dog.

6. Breeding

We will not agree under any circumstances to breeding or trading pets from any of our properties. This applies to you or any member of your household or visitors to your property. The premises include your home and any garages rented from us. If we suspect you are involved in breeding animals from our properties or allowing other members of your household or visitors to do so we will notify the officials and will take enforcement action that may include seeking possession of the premises.

7. Abandoning pets

If you leave pets behind in your property, we will call the animal welfare authorities to remove them. You may then face prosecution and a conviction for animal cruelty.

8. Neighbouring pets

If your neighbour’s pet is causing nuisance or annoyance, please let us know and we will investigate. If you are concerned that an animal is being neglected or treated cruelly, please contact your local authority.

Flats, maisonettes, sheltered schemes, or other properties that do not have an independent entrance

We will consider pets in this type of property.


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