Housing Benefit help with paying your rent

If you think you may be able to get help with paying your rent, you should apply for Housing Benefit. Even if you are not sure please make a claim because claims made at a later date cannot always be backdated.

You won’t know how much Housing Benefit you might get and whether it will cover the cost of your rent until your claim has been processed.

Both North East Lincolnshire Council and Boston Borough Council’s online benefit calculators let you input all the information you submit with a benefit claim and give you an estimated figure of the benefit you are likely to receive.

Remember though:

  • the calculated figure is an estimate based on the information supplied by you. If the information you supply is not correct then the estimate will not be correct.
  • the calculator only gives you an idea of the benefit you are likely to receive; it does not fully assess your claim and is still subject to final confirmation from the council.

You can’t submit a Housing Benefit claim by using the calculator; you must still complete and return a Housing Benefit claim form. Forms are available from LHP, North East Lincolnshire Council and Boston Borough Council.

If you are already in receipt of Housing Benefit you should complete any new forms that are sent to you - do not ignore them. If you do ignore them your benefits will be cancelled.


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